About Mrs. Nowlin

Me and Hubs.


Mini me and Mini Hubs.

I like referring to myself as Mrs. Nowlin, it makes me feel like a teacher (my next career, after stay at home busting-my-butt mom to two kids!) My high school teaching gig won’t be able to start until my youngest son is able to be in preschool all day.  So until 2013 hits, I’ll be at home, trying to figure out how to balance all the plates a mom is asked to hold.

I know many bloggers keep the identity of their children secret and I totally understand why. I have decided however, not to hide my kids from the blogosphere. We have had a family blog since 2007 and I am comfortable with what I plan to share. Hopefully I won’t see their stolen pictures up on a billboard in Holland someday.

I am a wife to Jy, a wonderful, patient and loving man. I am mom to Dallas, a wild, creative and hilarious (almost) 4-year old and Maxwell, a sensitive, sweet baby boy who turns 10 months old tomorrow (4/9/11). I have to squeeze my brain a bit any time I try to describe myself. Hobbies, passions? Thomas the Tank Engine, My Little Pony, Batman. Wait, no…those aren’t them. I love cleaning my somewhere between mini-and-maxivan. Wait, don’t love that either. Ok, so pretending I had time/money/brain cells to do the things I love, they would be (in no particular order):

  • Traveling (with lots of Xanax for my fear of flying)
  • Reading
  • Surfing the blogosphere

–Pausing while I type, need to squeeze brain harder. Think, think! Oh yeah, I love to..

  • Eat! Cook! Drink!
  • Attempt crossword puzzles at a coffeehouse
  • Watch movies, all kinds of ’em
  • Plan parties
  • Probably many other fun things that I won’t remember until my kids hit middle school
  • Exercise (this is not true, but if I write it I may be inspired to do it)

Not my Family


One thought on “About Mrs. Nowlin

  1. Kim, you are hilarious and at the same time so easy to relate to,I wish I had known about your blog sooner. I’ve never read anyones blog before but I’m so glad your mom posted yours, I’ll be checking in on a regular basis to see how well your heaith regimine is going and for a good laugh. One of your crazy relatives from So.Cal.,Julie

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