What is FoFo?

FoFo is Fooding it Forward, or paying it forward with food. The idea began as a way to share the joys of gifting food, but has since turned more conversational than tangible.

It would be fantastic if I could make meals for others (besides my family) and then photograph, deliver and blog about the experience. Reality would set in around meal three, I figure. That would be about the time my own family would go hungry and I’d throw in the towel. Instead, we can food forward information and ideas to each other!

As a mom, I know that food truly is the center of my family’s day. Planning meals, shopping, prepping, eating and cleaning are just a part of the whole food picture. Budgeting meal money, researching products and companies, store selection, shopping strategies and nutrition are other serious parts of the puzzle. Sounds like a lot? I haven’t even touched the magic word, “coupon” yet!

Think I am making more out of food than I need to? That is why I am starting the Food it Forward blog. I want to begin an ongoing conversation within the blogosphere that will help anyone who eats navigate the exciting world of food. I should note that I’m not the world’s greatest cook. Just ask my brother, he mentions that a lot. I am however, truly interested in the rest of the food atmosphere. Coffee, wine, cooking shows, beverages, yummy carbs, local produce, couponing, garage sales (yes, it connects), philanthropy, nutrition, baby food, baking, shopping, the list obviously goes on!


Kim Nowlin


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